How would you describe shame? What do you think shame stems from? Now, this isn't exactly a widely talked about feeling because of it's very meaning but I just wanted to share what I learnt discussing it with some friends. The dictionary describes shame as a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have... Continue Reading →


Birthday Post ’19

Yo! So it's been a while I know, missed you too. Anyway, as some of you may know, I turned 19 a couple of days ago and I'm so excited! Made my first birthday post on here last year and it was fun reading back on how I felt so do read or re-read too... Continue Reading →


With the word joy, a couple of questions come to mind: What does joy mean to you? Is joy the same as happiness? If yes, how? If no, what's the difference? It's a crazy world out there, terrible news every-day, economic situation not so great, is it possible to actually be joyful? The dictionary defines... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!

Thank you for every visit Thank you for every read post Thank you for every like Thank you for every comment May it be a prosperous one for us I've got great news this year so keep an eye out for it Happy 2019!

30 days writing challenge

Hi! So remember how I said I was going to try to talk more about myself on here? yeah I've failed woefully on that BUT the year isn't over yet and I'm going to be doing this 30 day writing challenge for the rest of this month! Instead of making a new post every day... Continue Reading →


Hi there! It sure has been a loooong time , so glad to have you here. This is the second part of something I posted here some time ago about wealth so do well to check it out first through this link Wealth [1]┬ábefore going on with this one.┬áSo in the last post, I pointed... Continue Reading →

6 ways to have better days

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar - "your day has started, you're busy all through, morning till evening, doing one thing or the other at each time, it's late at night, you're preparing to go to bed, thinking on your day went and how tired you are but alas you can't point out more... Continue Reading →

A Changed World

In a place where the good is weird And the bad is the trend Paying attention to details That we need neither the head nor tail Where kids are being led to derial I can't help but desire a changed world In a place where the V-card is no longer respected but discarded Where abnormalities... Continue Reading →

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