6 ways to have better days

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar - "your day has started, you're busy all through, morning till evening, doing one thing or the other at each time, it's late at night, you're preparing to go to bed, thinking on your day went and how tired you are but alas you can't point out more... Continue Reading →


A Changed World

In a place where the good is weird And the bad is the trend Paying attention to details That we need neither the head nor tail Where kids are being led to derial I can't help but desire a changed world In a place where the V-card is no longer respected but discarded Where abnormalities... Continue Reading →

Worth it

Sometimes it gets hard Sometimes it gets too much to handle Missing beautiful family events Missing different milestones Missing the hugs Missing the banter Missing the hangouts Missing the feeling Then I ask myself the hell was I thinking? Why did I ever think I could do this? Is it even worth it? But deep... Continue Reading →

Self discovery- The Why

  Holla! It's the final part of the Self discovery series, if you haven't yet, do check out the last two : Self discovery- The WHAT? and Self Discovery – The How . Next is why self discovery? why go through all this process just to know who you are? why not just live life as it is as... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery – The How

Hi there! Thanks for coming back, if you haven't yet, do check out the first part of this series Self discovery The WHAT? before going on with this. Having shared a bit on what self discovery means, I'll be sharing a few tips that has helped me so far and also some contributions from some... Continue Reading →

Self discovery- The WHAT?

Self discovery is the process of acquiring insight into one's own character. It's unveiling the good and the bad, recognizing the strengths and the weaknesses, understanding one's gifts and talents. This self discovery journey is an inevitable one that everyone embarks on at one point or the other in life. However, it's important for one... Continue Reading →

One Year Anniversary!

That's right people! Conversehouse is one year old this month and I'm pretty excited. So this is going to be more of appreciation and reminiscence kind of post. It's so funny how time goes by so fast, didn't realize it's a year already until few days ago when a friend pointed it out, it's also... Continue Reading →

What to do with your past

Hi there! Thanks for coming back. So starting from where we stopped, we've established the fact that it's not worth it living in past glory neither is it worth it brooding over past failure so then the big question, what do you do with your past? Accept it- If only we could actually forget our... Continue Reading →

What to do with your past?

    Riddle me this, what's the one thing that's behind you but can still stand in your way? That's right, your past. It's very easy to slip into this inviting hole of living in the past consciously or not. You see, the past could be a really wonderful place or a terrible one depending... Continue Reading →


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