Gas people up!

Surround yourself with a community that promotes your growth and create such environment for others around you too. Story time: So earlier this year, I went for a conference with my friends from school and in one of the opening events, there was an open mic night where students were welcome to do whatever, songs,... Continue Reading →


The Lion King

I recently saw one of my very few favorite movies in the world, one very dear to my heart and precious from my childhood memories and I thought why the heck haven't I written about it yet! So here am I, writing about it... Now not to be that overly serious person you can't see... Continue Reading →

To You

To every creature he gave the power to dominate and multiply Amongst others you are the most amazing creature He's made He gave you the priviledge to pleasure in His immense glory Take a deep breath and think of you! The Creator of the universe has elaborately fashioned you to become your unique self The... Continue Reading →

What are you seeing?

So I recently changed my glasses with new prescriptions and all. I don't know if anyone else can relate but that feeling of putting them on for the first time was amaaaaazing, like my eyes had been born again 😂. In a flash, everything was clearer, much more beautiful and I couldn't believe I had... Continue Reading →

To cry or to not?…

So my close friends know I'm a crybaby and I can't even deny it. Not necessarily crying because a movie scene was so sweet or because someone's proposal was very romantic, (absolutely nothing wrong with these) I mean crying based on how I feel. Usually crying is my go to coping mechanism when I don't... Continue Reading →

Hi there! It's been soooooo long, I know! Missed you too and I'm glad to be back. The last couple of months have been quite busy with school but asides that, I've been good and I hope you have too. Remember I told you how I wanted to read at least a book a month... Continue Reading →

Life goes on

Hey you, Yes you, Here's a not so pleasant reminder, Life does not revolve around you, I know if it did, that'd be really cute But it doesn't and never will, Not now, not ever, I know sometimes you wonder, How the world could keep going, even faster, When something so heart wrenching, Feels like... Continue Reading →

Good enough!

Amazing piece from a dear friend


Good enough
Who do you say I am?
The girl who does not compare to your standard. The girl who is undeserving. The girl who is lacking. The girl who is fat. The girl who is almost without flesh on her bones. The girl who doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine. The girl who cannot recover from her mistakes. The girl with a past. The girl with scars. The girl who is unworthy..?
Who do they say you are?
You have tried but you are tied to the confines of people’s definition. You are pitifully believing and disregarding every Precious declaration and beautiful truth of your existence.
You look in the mirror and you are blind to your reflection but aware of the image people make of me. You walk with your head bowed in constricting space of their profession concerning you but that’s enough already! You should…

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