What to do with your past?

    Riddle me this, what's the one thing that's behind you but can still stand in your way? That's right, your past. It's very easy to slip into this inviting hole of living in the past consciously or not. You see, the past could be a really wonderful place or a terrible one depending... Continue Reading →


Ruled by the clock

What is time but a passing fleet? What is the past if it no longer exists? What is the future if it doesn't exist yet? And the present, Of what value is it if it diminishes by every second? It was a long time, they say, It would be a long time you say, But... Continue Reading →

Story (c)

Hi! So I'm finally back, sorry for the delay and again thanks for coming back, if you haven't read the last two posts, you'd have to for this to make sense. With that being said... Like I said, I sat in the front passenger seat this time with mystery man and we start our journey.... Continue Reading →

Story (B)

Hi there! Thanks for coming back, if you haven't read the last post this is going to make absolutely no sense so do well to read that first. This man who seemed to be in his early 30s parked his car and stepped out. At this point I was still at the passenger's seat at... Continue Reading →

Story (A)

Hello fam, so all of this happened a couple of months ago and I have no idea why I didn't share it then but since it's here now, grab your popcorn and drinks 😀 It was a beautiful morning on a wonderful day, nah, scratch that,it was the afternoon of a normal day, wonderful nonetheless,... Continue Reading →

Birthday post.

Hi guysss! I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while, my apologies. So I'll be turning 18 in a couple of days and if you can't tell I'm pretty excited 😀 I barely write anything about myself on here but I did say I was going to try that this year and what better... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

So it's finally a new year, a new page, a fresh start. Different people sharing how and why you should make your new year resolutions- pen them down, be consistent, tell someone about it and different helpful tactics. 2017 happened to be a very good year for me, but one word that's been resounding in my mind... Continue Reading →

Ten Reminders (B)

In the last post, I started out with five things to remember as you do a review of this year so do well to check it out if you haven't, picking up from where I stopped... 6. It's never too late to have a new dream- Of course a new year means a new age. There might... Continue Reading →


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